Friday, June 27, 2008

A knitter in the wild

I attended a computing technology conference in Orlando this week. Among the 800 or so geeks running around with smartphones and laptops I found knitting in public! Carol from Seattle impressed me with her courage to knit while listening to the session on how server virtualization is impacting root cause analysis.

My apologies to Carol for the picture quality - I had to use my geeky smartphone. I had fun talking to Carol. She is an interesting and delightful woman... and her sock was beautiful too.

So fellow knitters, the end of the story is that Carol knitted for 3 days in the conference and no one vilified her, spit on her, or asked her to pack up her knitting and beat it. If Carol can knit unharmed surrounded by geeks, so can you!

1 comment:

Carol said...

So just speaking with you in Orlando re-energized me. The socks are almost complete although the wool in the wool/nylon blend is a little tough in this 90 degree weather. Regardless, come this winter, yes we have winter in Seattle although it usually comes in the form of rain, those beautiful socks will look and feel great in my Birkenstocks.