Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Progress report

I have 3 projects going now.
The Rambling Rows afghan is a little over half done. It's my go-to project when I'm tired or just have a few minutes. It doesn't take much thinking and is soothingly repetitive.

The Ridged Rib Washcloth is about 1/4 complete. I'm using Euroflax and a pattern from the Harmony Guide: Knit and Purl. I love the Harmony Guides. The pictures are great and they provide inspiration when I want to try something different.

And finally, I am knitting the Henry scarf from This is a very unusual (for me) pattern that makes a woven kind of knit. It is knit along the length instead of top to bottom so I really have more done than it looks. The stitch pattern seems complicated but it really isn't. And I got to try a new cast on with waste yarn.


beverlyanne said...

Hi Marie,

I have long admired the Henry scarf but have been reluctant to try it (I won't say 'afraid') because it looks HARD. I will follow your progress and maybe find inspiration to do it. It is a great man's scarf, and it is so hard to find manly patterns.

MRS MJW said...

Oh, I do like that blue. What yarn brand is it???