Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knitting sick – or is it sick knitting?

I’m not a very good knitter when I’m sick. For the last week and a half I have had the super cold that is going around. I pushed myself to finish the Easter egg nests for the granddaughters (free pattern on the right sidebar) so I could ship them north. I made a small mistake on one but I said “good enough was better than none at all”.

I knit some rows on the Garden Gate throw. It was slow going and I know I dozed off in mid-row a few times.

The pattern is from the Little Box of Knitted Throws by Martingale knit with Jarbo Garn Raggi.

I did order yarn from Knit Picks (Swish worsted) for a Rambling Rows afgan. My intent is to make one for each granddaughter for Christmas. Most of the colors I wanted were on sale so that was a bright spot in my day. Such little comforts..

Both granddaughters are girly-girls - and I am so not - so the afgan colors will be pinks and purples with some blue for contrast. Hope I don’t get a tummy ache knitting with colors like bubblegum and ballerina!


beverlyanne said...

Hi Marie,
Thank you for your kind remarks. Maybe 'tawdry' is too strong a word, or maybe, just maybe, my reaction was colored by the flu I had that seems to have made its way between FL and IL. The afghan looks lovely. Don't let you cold make you hate it.

MRS MJW said...

that is a lovely green.