Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Felting a Trellis

I finished this felted
Trellis Tote a while back. It was fun to knit and the pattern introduced me to a couple of new techniques. The use of a triple wrap for the slipped stitches to create the trellis effect is very creative. The slipped stitches just float in front of stockinette rows but magically attach when felted.

It is knit in the round and the flap is the result of binding off half the stitches and decreasing.

And such cool decreasing it was – the stair-step pattern emerged so easily I amazed myself.

I used a Malabrigo worsted recommended at my LYS. Just like everyone else that has knit with the lusciously soft Malabrigo, I kept petting the yarn. It’s hard to see in the pictures but the background is a variegated blue. I like the subtle color change and the overall unified look.
I felted the tote by hand, which I prefer over machine felting. I like controlling the process and I like the exercise. My reward is a glass of cabernet.

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