Monday, January 7, 2008

Cultural Harmony

I was in Detroit for part of the Christmas holiday and my husband, mom, and I went to a Polish Art Center in Hamtramck.

Hamtramck is a city within the city of Detroit and during 1910-20 thousands of immigrants, mostly of Polish and other European descent, settled there. My mom’s family is Polish and we thought it would be fun to remember our heritage. And of course to buy stuff like Polish pottery.

I have seen Polish pottery in magazines and have admired the intricate details of the different patterns. The pottery is hand-formed and hand-decorated in Poland by local artisans. I found a small vase that said Buy Me and then my mom spied a matching bowl. So now, as you can see, I have two pieces of Polish pottery.
The pieces are sitting on placemats that I made out of King Tut yarn from Halcyon Yarn . King Tut is a soft, mercerized 100% cotton, worsted weight. The long-fibered, Egyptian cotton fiber is machine wash and dry and wears like iron. And because it is spun in Croatia, I have a Central/Southern European thing going on. A little cultural harmony on my kitchen table.


Vickie said...

The pottery looks absolutely beautiful! The picture isn't loading in the full size like the others. I wanted to look at it closer to see the design better. Maybe my computer is the problem, although it better not be, we just got a new one as part of our Christmas. Looks really gorgeous though and I also love the placemats. Where did you get the pattern?

Marie said...

Hi Vickie:
If you send me an email to I can answer you back directly.

The placemat patterns are from Oat Couture and are called Shasta Placemats. The pattern is dated 2000 and I found it in knit shop in Berkley, MI (north Detroit suburb). Oat Couture has a web site

Oceankid said...

Wow I never knew knitting was so elaborate. I learned a lot just reading it. Great stuff!

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