Monday, January 21, 2008

They sell yarn in Key West

Just returned from a trip to south Florida where I scored some great yarn. I stocked up on some felting yarn on sale at half price. Huge skeins of Paternayan at $8 each at Idle Hours in Ft. Myers. Nice shop – the owners are very helpful. I don’t have anything specific in mind for the yarn, but I’m sure some felting project will emerge.
I bought this aqua Euroflax to make a washcloth for myself at Knit Wits in Key West. We were just walking down Whitehead St. and I spotted the shop across the street. I gained major points with my 2 Ohio BFFs (the same ones that forced me into knitting, God bless them).
Speaking of my 2 Ohio BFFs, they very nicely let me take pictures of their projects to post here. Ohio K is working on a sweater for her daughter-in-law. The pattern, Trina, is from the Fall 2007 Adrienne Vittadini book. The yarn is Trina and you can see for yourself how fantastic (and complex) the pattern is. Ohio K is a master knitter.
Ohio D is making a baby sweater for a new grandson coming all the way from Russia. The pattern is Handsome Blue Cardigan from the Baby-Soft Sweaters book by Lois J. Long. The yarn is Plymouth Dreambaby DK. Lucky little boy, to be entering this family. They are the best. Ohio D is also a master knitter. I keep good company… I am working on creating my very first pattern. Prototypes 1 & 2 are complete and I think #3 will be the winner. More to come…


Vickie said...

Beautiful K. Also D I LOVE the sweater. It's gonna be gorgeous on the little guy! This is fun to see how everyone's knitting is coming along. Save something for Jupiter. :)

Vickie said...

oops... love the yarn too IK. You certainly did well everywhere finding some nice buys. Make sure we see what felting you do with it.

Jono said...

Great seeing you in Ft M-good pics of the girl's work. I'd like more detail on how you hand felt- water temp, amount of time etc. Talk to you later.

Dee said...

I love Idle Hours. That is the shop that got me started knitting socks.

I went to Ft. Myers on vacation without a project and came home with a pair of Regia socks.

Hope you have as good of luck with your purchase.