Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hail to the Victors

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m starting off 2008 with lots of pictures.

The University of Michigan Lola Bowla (pattern by Vyvyan
Knitting in a Happy Camper) has been felted and celebrates the Wolverine’s victory over the University of Florida. GO BLUE!

Before felting…

I felted the bowl in the kitchen sink in about 20 minutes.

I have been felting for about 2 years and like felting by hand. It is good exercise and it’s fun to feel the yarn bind together to make fabric. I prefer felting tightly – until all stitch definition is gone.

JennyAnyDots is guarding the beginnings of a Nantasket Basket (pattern by Susan Pierce Lawrence).

I’m going to modify the pattern to make it bigger and shorter and maybe with no handle – I haven’t decided yet. Its mission will be to hold toiletries in a guest bathroom.

I have made five baskets following the pattern – two of them were Easter baskets for my two granddaughters.

Spread the love in 2008 – teach someone to knit…


beverlyanne said...

Hi Marie,
Happy New Year. Thanks for noticing my blog and for writing, and for the Happy Camper. I love free patterns. And congratulations on a great blog!

I had to change my blog template from simple to whatever it is now(2nd most simple)because I couldn't control the spacing in the first template. The current template, which loooks like yours, is much better. I just correct the spacing in preview as if it were a word document. Usually its a matter of extra line breaks. It usually works. Your blog layout looks fine to me.

Regarding traffic, I told myself that I didn't care if I ever got visitors, because the blog was for my own knitting record. That isn't entirely true, because I do want visitors. I put a site meter on my blog, I only got a trickle of visitors at first, but it picked up a little and has increased dramatically since I got on the knitting ring. Ravelry also has produced visitors. I link my projects with the appropriate blog posts. In the past few days, I have started to get my first comments.

I love blogging. Good luck with yours. I don't think you need luck however. Just get on Rabvelry and knitting web ring and you'll have tons of visitors. You have a great blog already.


ps: one blogging tip that I saw says to post regularly, but it looks like you're already doing that. I try to post on Mondays and THursdays.

Vyvyan said...

Love your Lola!