Friday, February 8, 2008

A bit of Sweden in Florida

Last week I found out about a great new (a year old) knit shop in Tallahassee called Really Knit Stuff. The owner, Paula Zenick, is a delightful woman and while her shop is small, it is very well stocked.

I needed yarn for a throw – Garden Gate from the Little Box of Knitted Throws by Martingale. Paula was super helpful and I selected a Swedish yarn, Jarbo Garn Raggi. Haven’t a clue what the label says but Paula told me it is a machine washable blend - 70% wool 30%nylon.The pattern calls for super bulky #6 yarn but I am using 2 strands of the Raggi instead. The yarn is very soft and lush with great stitch definition. And the pattern is fun! This is one of those patterns that I find just plain enjoyable to knit. The real color is greener than it looks here - forest green.It’s a little late in the season (in north Florida) to be knitting a wool throw, but I just wanted to. I’ll knit fast and then I can use it sitting by the pool on a March evening. Don’t shed a tear for me, all you bloggers with the snow pictures.


NH Knitting Mama said...

It looks like a fun pattern, too. I'm glad you're enjoying knitting it!

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
I just love your completed knitted throw, I have also started to knit this same pattern myself..although unfortunately I have misplaced the pattern and was wondering if you could send it to me...much appreciated.
Thank you again.\