Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cinnamon, linen and moonbows

I was in the cold, rainy, icy, snowy, Chicago suburb of Naperville last weekend to attend a family wedding. While I didn’t get to a knit shop (the one listed in the directory was no longer there), I did get to shop at the Naperville Penzeys spice shop. Yeah!!!

I have been a loyal Penzeys customer for about 12 years - mostly catalog and Internet shopping - and I’m always excited to go into one of their stores. It’s spice heaven. You can buy little amounts of every spice imaginable at very good prices. Their spice blends are the best. I bought an Italian mix that is supposed to make Italian beef similar to Portillos, Buono Beef, or Karms. I LOVE Italian beef sandwiches and I have to have one (or more) when I go to Chicago.

I did a lot of travel knitting since the plane broke in Atlanta and they kicked us off to fend for ourselves. This is the Seed Stitch Stripe washcloth pattern in The Knitter's Stash book. Theresa Gaffey has 8 patterns using Euoflax linen.
If you haven’t made and used a linen washcloth, I highly recommend it. The more you use it, the softer it gets. The washcloths knit up fast, the patterns are fun, and they make great gifts.

Did you get to see the lunar eclipse Wednesday night? We had very good conditions in Tallahassee and it was amazing. My picture does not do it justice. And my husband and I saw a moonbow!!!!! A moonbow (also known as a lunar rainbow, lunar bow or white rainbow) is a
rainbow produced by the moon rather than the sun. First time I saw one and it was incredible.

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Dee said...

It was a little bit cloudy here so we didn't get the greatest view of the eclipse, but I did see some. No moonbow though. I would have loved that.