Friday, February 1, 2008

Sock-ittude (noun - meaning sock attitude)

I’m ready to admit it. I’m not crazy about knitting socks. I can hear the gasp from my pal K - she who has enough sock yarn to open her own shop and has knitted 328 pairs.

K taught me to knit socks, for which I am truly grateful. I can say socks with an “s” because I did make a pair. I learned some really cool techniques making those socks. But I didn’t yearn to make another pair. I wanted to yearn, but nope, the yearn was missing.

I thought maybe the experience didn’t grab me because I was a fairly new knitter then. So I bought some pretty terrific yarn to try again. Unfortunately, I have had one sock on the needles since August and I haven’t made it past the ribbing yet.
But socks are so cool, so trendy. Sock yarn is taking over knit shops everywhere. The
Harlot’s socks are famous. Cat Bordhi has new pathways to entice me. Kelly Petkun is knitting socks for soldiers. How can I not want to knit socks????

So I fretted and pondered and came to accept that socks are not for everyone. I rationalized that I don’t wear socks that often, living in Florida. But that’s not the real reason.

I just plain don’t enjoy knitting socks. So please forgive me for having sock-ittude, cause I’m over it.


Meadow said...

I am about to embark on my own sock journey this weekend while watching the superbowl. I picture it going exactly as you've described. :) I'll have to check back and let you know.

Anonymous said...

The sock yarn you have a picture of is the same as the pair I'm wearing today. :-)

I love knitting socks, but I can see where it's not everyone's cup o' tea.

chrissieday said...

Oh that is so sad and I have just written anew sock book maybe that will tempt you when it comes out .I do know how you feel because at the moment another sock is not what I need.give me lace or felting at the moment ,glad to see you at knitblogs ring do pop over and sya hi to me in the UK

andifree said...

How refreshing because I too am just not on the sock bandwagon!! I find it all rather tedious and have tried several times to no avail. I have started using all my sock yarn (because despite not liking to knit socks, I like sock yarn) to knit gauntlets! SO anyway you are NOT alone!!

NH Knitting Mama said...

Socks are not my favorite thing to knit, either. But, I will turn out a pair every once in a while. I did get on a sock kick (no pun intended) a couple years ago and everyone got a pair. Have not knit many since then.