Monday, February 25, 2008

Wish I could walk and knit

It is late winter here in north Florida and I am taking advantage of the balmy, mid-70s and sunny weather. I have been walking during my lunch hour - 30 minutes of power walking, up and down the hills of Tallahassee. You may be surprised that it is very hilly here - not at all like central or south Florida. The terrain in this part of the state is more like south Georgia. We have huge hardwood forests as well as palm trees.

So I am walking for my bone health (to ward off osteporosis) - I'm already short and I'd like to keep my height as best I can. I love the walking but I'm sad it's at the expense of knitting. I'm just not graceful enough to do both. With my luck I'd fall down and break a knitting hand.

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