Thursday, February 14, 2008

Learning to blog about knitting

Writing a knitting blog is more than writing about knitting. I have learned some pretty cool things about blogging technology and the Internet. It's sort of easy for me to blog - after all, I am a computing technology professional in my day job.

But I struggled with how to post patterns and recipes as separate things outside of a post page (what you are reading is considered a post page). Beverlyanne came to my rescue. She gave me a tip on how to set up separate documents and voila - I have a section for free stuff. Thanks, Beverlyanne, for sharing your knowledge stash. Hope I can return the favor.


Dee said...

Would you share the tip about the post pages? That sounds like a good thing to know.

beverlyanne said...

Say Marie, Thanks for the hello on your blog. I came over to visit and was pleasently surprised to find myself here. As for returning the favor, I'm sure you will given that you are a tech pro.